Hair Repair

Introducing Schwarzkopf Professional BC Fibre Clinix – Powerful Hair Repair Treatments at Fox Hair Salons in Barwell & Hinckley

It’s time to experience Schwarzkopf Professional’s most powerful repair performance ever!  We can now offer a bespoke hair repair service using BC Fibre Clinix treatments that transforms your hair, making it stronger and healthier. 

This new haircare revolution delivers hair that is ten times stronger than untreated hair.  The damaged, porous hair strands are sealed to give you massively improved locks for up to 60 days.

During your treatment, your hair will be cleansed, treated and given a booster that is tailored to target whatever your hair most needs. The end result is hair that is stronger, healthier and shiny.  

You can also prolong the results with a personalised hair care routine, as recommended by your Fox Hair specialist.

Return Hair to its Virgin State – No More Dull Hair Prone to Breaking & Splitting


Everything from hair colouring to heat styling can affect the integrity of your hair.  The inner and outer hair structure can be weakened, resulting in hair that is porous and dull, lacks strength and is prone to breakage.

BC Fibre Clinix sets a new milestone in hair reparation by transforming the hair fibre back to its perfect healthy virgin properties.  The BC Fibre Clinix regime increases elasticity, resilience and leads to hair that is up to 10x stronger versus untreated hair.

How does this happen?  Here’s the science bit!  Using the latest generation of bonding technology, triple-charged ions connect the inner di-sulfide bonds both inside and outside the hair.  The treatment was inspired by skincare treatments which target deeper within the skin, delivering different treatments for differing skin types (or in this case, hair types and needs).

The key ingredients for differing hair needs are:

  • Peptide Repair Rescue Booster for damaged hair
  • Hyaluronic Moisture Booster for normal to dry hair
  • pH 4.5 Colour Booster for coloured hair
  • Collagen Volume Booster for fine hair
  • Keratin Smooth Booster for coarse and/or unmanageable hair.

Book Your Fibre Clinix Hair Treatment at Fox Hair Design salons in Hinckley and Barwell

Start your journey towards healthy, shiny hair with a Fibre Clinix hair treatment at your local hair salon in Barwell or Hinckley by calling us on 01455 245245.  We also offer the sensational Protection Cheveux Complexe treatment to repair and condition colour-treated hair. Find out more about PCC treatments here.

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