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Wedding and Bridal Hairstyles from Fox Hair Design Salons in Barwell and Hinckley

There are so many choices when it comes to wedding day hairstyles that the process can seem a little overwhelming – after all, your wedding hair will be highly photographed! 

Whether you decide to have a classic bridal up-do, romantic braids or wear your hair in loose, tumbling waves – our talented team of stylists at Fox Hair Design will work with you and your bridal party to create the most stunning hairstyle for your big day.

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The Wedding Hair Experts in Barwell & Hinckley – Fox Hair Design

We have gained a fabulous reputation of being the best salon group in Hinckley and Barwell, and we are renowned for our bridal hair services. We can cater for your every hair need leading up to, and on your special day. We can create a stunning hairstyle in our salons in Hinckley and Barwell, or alternatively, we can come to your home or wedding venue.

We can also create wedding day hairstyles for the bridesmaids, maids of honour or the mother of the bride – so why not book in for a consultation so that we help make your wedding day perfect! Our stylists at Fox Hair Design have the skills and the experience to create beautiful wedding day hairstyles including updo’s, half updo’s, braided hairstyles or charming short bridal hairstyles. For inspiration on haircuts and hairstyles in Barwell and Hinckley, check out our haircuts and hairstyles page at Fox Hair Design.

If you would like to change the colour of your hair for your wedding day why not book in for a consultation for wedding day hair colour. For more on hair colour services in Barwell and Hinckley take a look at our hair colour page at Fox Hair Design.

The Classic Bridal “Up-Do” Hairstyle

Classic up-do’s will always be a popular bridal hair style as it’s timeless and your photographs will look up to date for years to come. Classic bridal hair up-do’s are usually all up with just a fringe or tendrils down. This hair style can be worn high up and slicked back into a classic bun or the hair can be styled down low and more casually loose or to one side, with added volume around the roots creating a more bouffant hair style. This style is suitable for bridesmaids aswell.

Chic and Vintage Up-Styles for Weddings

The retro glam hairstyles from the 1920′s, 1930′s and 1940′s have crept back into fashion and with a little tweaking make for stunning wedding hairstyles! Retro accessories are also now a ‘modern’ accessory such as the birdcage veils. Vintage broaches or clasps can be added to make a unique bridal hair style.

Retro Bridal Hairstyles – Boho Waves and Plaits

The “Boho-Chic” look is a more sweet and innocent look for a bridal hair style. This is a hair style that is soft and elegant and flattering on any bride. Fishtail braids and chunky plaits are commonly incorporated into this hair style which personalises the look making it more unique. The Boho-chic trend is a very versatile bridal hair trend as it is suitable for almost all hair lengths and hair types.

The Classic Bridal “Half-Up” Hairstyle

The “half-up/half-down” hair style is probably the most commonly chosen wedding hairstyles. This is because this hair style is subtle and understated but still flattering and not too daring. Height is usually always added around the crown and roots of the hair to add body and lengthen the face which makes the face appear slimmer. The “half-down” can be left long, natural and flowing, or the hair can be tightly curled with corkscrew curls or loosely waved depending on the hair texture, the hair type and of course the desired outcome.

Long Luscious Locks For The Bride

Long hair is a gorgeous, subtle and very understated bridal hair style when worn down. Adding a veil or hair accessory can make the potentially boring hairstyle a “WOW” hairstyle. A veil will complete the look if you want a simple and elegant finished look. If you want a more shocking or OTT finish there are some large and creative and very beautiful hair pieces. The hair that is down can be curled, straightened or left with a loose surfer-ish wave! Lacking in length? Why not try our Balmain Hair Extensions for some instant, romantic glamour.

Bridal Hair Accessories

Hair accessories and fascinators are a must-have at a wedding, nearly every bride has one or the other in her hair. There are so many beautiful pieces available on the market at the minute, ranging from feathers, pearls and hand-made delicate pieces, to over the top blingy hair pieces and even fresh flowers can be worn. There is a perfect hair accessory for every bridal hair style! To book your wedding day hair appointment give one of our friendly team a call our hair salon in Barwell on or our hair salon in Hinckley on

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