What Are The Hair Trends for 2021?

Hair Predictions From Fox Hair Design

The hair experts at Fox Hair Design salons in Barwell and Hinckley bring you the top hair trend for 2021.  Which hairstyles and colours will be big news as we enter the new decade?

Short Texturised Haircuts

Change up your hairstyle with a short texturised hairstyle in 2021. Short hairstyles are growing in popularity and you can dramatically change the look of your hairstyle using the right products.  Texturised, layered short hairstyles with amazing hair colour are likely to be hot in 2020 so make sure you book your appointment now if you want an on-trend 2020 hairstyle at Fox Hair Design.

Blonde Balayage Looks

Balayage has been around for a few years now and we are certain it is staying put!

This is a low maintenance hair colour technique where subtle vertical highlights are hand-painted throughout your hair.

In 2020 we reckon we will see a rise in caramel and blonde balayage hair colours, which suit women of all ages.

The colour is added to your hair with precision to make the best of your features.  We may add some face-framing highlights, as well as blonde shades throughout your hair, where the sun is likely to pick them out…

The Trend For Fringes

Adding a fringe to your hairstyle can seriously update your look – and we predict that fringes will also be on your ‘must try’ list for 2021.  There are many different fringes to try, and your Fox Hair Design stylist has the expertise to create a fringe that will suit you and modernise your hairstyle.

Bobbed Hairstyles

Another fixture for 2021 is the bobbed hair cut – a classic that will, thankfully, never go away!

We expect to see a move away from blunt bobs to angled bobs and more relaxed, longer bobs.

Give your bobbed hairstyle a modern twist by adding layers for extra movement.

Plus, if you’ve been colouring your hair yourself and it’s looking rather dry and washed out, let us cut off those straggly ends and add a new colour.  Your hair will look and feel more healthy, and the new colour will have everyone turning heads.

Big Bouffant 1960s Hairstyles

For a head-turning hairstyle in 2021, take inspiration from the Swinging Sixties and start back-combing!  Add volume at the crown for a bit of a bouffant – and finish it off with a deep side parting or micro-fringe.