All You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

A Guide To The Best Hair Extensions in Leicestershire at Fox Hair Design Salons in Barwell & Hinckley

Hair extensions are the perfect way to transform your look by adding length and colour to your hair, and building volume into fine or thin hair too!

Here we have all you need to know about hair extensions. If hair extensions are ticking all the boxes for you, then book in for a consultation at our hair salons in Hinckley and Barwell by calling 01455 245245 so we can discuss what look you want, give you a quote and explain how to look after your new hair extensions.

Which Hair Extensions Are Right For My Hair?

Hair extensions come in different colours, lengths, widths, hair textures and they can be real or synthetic hair. Book in to talk to one of our trained extensions specialists who can help you make the right choice.  We offer a good choice of high-quality hair extensions to match all budgets.  These can be fixed in place using numerous tried and tested methods such as bonded hair extensionsweft extensions and taped hair extensions.

Are Human Hair Extensions The Best? 

hair color, hair salon, Hinckley, LeicestershireRemy hair extensions are considered to be the finest quality human hair.  The hair is the same length with each strand lying in the same direction.  This means that your hair will be much less likely to tangle and will look smooth, shiny and silky.

The differences between human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions are simple.

Human hair extensions can be treated like you’re your own hair – they can be dyed, styled with hot tools and washed. Synthetic hair extensions are much cheaper but don’t blend as easily with your own hair. However, they’re fun to wear to parties as they come in bright, vibrant colours such as purples, blues and reds.


How Long Will My Hair Extensions Last?

This depends on which extensions you choose.  With care, our taped extensions last up to eight weeks and can be reapplied; our weft extensions last up to six months and can be taken out and reapplied as you wish.   Our Balmain extensions can last up to three months, with care.  

Talk to your stylist about after-care advice such as the right products to use in your hair, how to wash your hair, and they may suggest putting your hair into a loose braid or ponytail while sleeping. Doing all this can help your hair extensions to last longer.

Different Ways To Attach Your Hair Extensions

balmain hair extensions at fox hair salons in barwell and hinckley, leicestershire

There are many different types of hair extensions, but don’t worry, we’re here to explain them to you!


At our hair salons in Hinckley and Barwell, we use the finest Système Volume Balmain Hair Extension. These top quality human hair extensions come in a range of sumptuous colours and different lengths.  The application method is also remarkably quick as we use the revolutionary Système Volume method that applies five bonds at a time with great precision.   The small oval-shaped Silk Bonds ensure comfortable wearing and optimal hair distribution.


L’Switch Weft Hair Extensions at Fox Hair Salons in Leicestershire usually last up to 6 months and can be reapplied time after time.  There are an incredible 30 sensational colours to choose from including colour infused extensions to give enhanced depth and tone, as well as balayage hair colours.  Available in 14”, 18” and 22” lengths, these L’Switch hair extensions are double drawn which means you get the same amount of hair from the root to the tips.  They are attached using special clips that are part of each hair extension section.


Also popular with clients at Fox Hair Design salons are L’Switch Professional Tape Hair Extensions. These 100% natural, luxury Remy hair extensions are quick to apply, versatile and, with care, can last up to 8 weeks.  The skilled team at Fox Hair Design will carefully and discreetly secure your natural hair with tape to a pre-gelled adhesive extension that will give a seamless finish for amazing looking hair.

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The following methods of attaching hair extensions are also popular but are not available at Fox Hair Design salons.  We highly recommend the tried and tested methods mentioned above.


Hair extensions are attached using a special ultrasound device which bonds the extension around your natural hair using a cold bonding technique. With hot fusion bonding, an adhesive such as glue, wax or keratin is used to attach your hair extensions. Applying heat ensures that your hair extensions stay in place.


Small sections of your hair are threaded through a silicone-lined metal bead. Then, the bonded end of the hair extension is crimped shut. Microbead hair extensions can be re-used. 

So, now you know everything that there is to know about hair extensions, go get yourself a lovely long mane! We know you want to!  Find out more about our hair extensions service in Barwell & Hinckley.