Platinum Blonde and Silver Grey Hair Colour Trends

Platinum Blonde and Silver Grey Hair Colour Trends at FOX Hair Design Salons in Barwell and Hinckley

Now that the new year is almost here, you will want to make sure you freshen up your look with vibrant new hair look.  Platinum blonde and silver grey hair colours are big hair colour trends. At Fox Hair Design hair salons in Barwell & Hinckley, we create the most beautiful blonde hair colours, perfect for bold new you. 

Please remember that we require all clients to have a colour patch test 48 hour before any hair colouring service. This allows us to check for any skin sensitivities and ensures safety for all our clients.

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Choosing the right blonde hair colour

Blonde hair can be higher maintenance and going (and staying) blonde requires some TLC in order to stay looking fabulous.  Platinum blonde hair choices range from an icy blonde, a blue hue or a silver grey hair colour. Whether you want a statement hair colour, or the latest trending blonde hair colour, the bright and loud colour of platinum blonde, we can help you achieve this. We can help find the perfect tone from ice white to ash platinum, silver grey to platinum highlights.

Silver grey hair colours

Want to lift dull hair with some added shimmer and shine? If so, the metallic silver hair colour trend is still going strong. Silver grey hair colour is a huge hair colour trend which comes in a range of shades from pale icy tones to blue grey hair colours. You’ll need regular toners to keep your grey topped up. We recommend a grey toner top up every three weeks.

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How to get platinum blonde hair

If you’re contemplating re-vamping your image and dyeing your hair blonde, there are a few things you may want to know before taking the plunge. This involves visiting us regularly for a professional hair colour treatment and refraining from using at-home hair dye kits, in order to avoid the need of a colour correction treatment. You will also need to invest in regular trims, condition your hair regularly and keep your regrowth in check. If you are ready to take your hair to the next level of blonde, talk to your stylist at our hair salon.

Unless your hair is blonde to begin with, going platinum is likely to take more than one appointment. It’s important to listen to your hair colourist’s advice.  You will need great aftercare to maintain condition, and visit the salon regularly for a toner top up.

Ice white blonde hair colour trend

This winter, white blonde hair is set to be cooler than ever. Rest assured our expert hair colour technicians can create a hair colour that suits your skin tone and style. If you’re unsure as to whether ice white blonde hair is the right hair colour for you, speak to one of our team for a free hair colour consultation

Book a hair colour appointment at FOX Hair Design Salons in Barwell & Hinckley

No matter which hair colour you desire, our colour technicians can help you towards the hair you’ve been dreaming of. You can book your hair cut, colour or hair treatment at our  hair salon online by clicking on the pop-up button on this page, or call us on one of the numbers below.  Remember also to pop in for a quick skin allergy patch test 48 hours before your appointment.