Your Hair Problems Solved!

Solve Your Hair Problems – Top Tips from the Hair Experts at Fox Hair Design Salons in Barwell & Hinckley

Banish bad hair days by talking to the hair experts at Fox Hair Design salons in Barwell and Hinckley.  If you’ve been trying to grow healthy, shiny, beautiful hair without success, it’s time to seek help!  Here we answer some of the most common hair problems, but if you really want to see great results, book in for a consultation with one of our stylists today.   

Say Goodbye To Dull Hair

If you live in an area with a hard water supply, you may notice that your hair is beginning to dull.  The minerals in hard water areas attach to your hair when you wash which can leave your locks looking dull.  If you want shiny hair, please talk to your Fox Hair Salon stylist who can recommend a shampoo and conditioner which will improve your hair’s lustre by removing these hard water particles.  

cool blonde How To Get Rid Of Split Ends

There are multiple reasons you may be experiencing split ends, including over-processing your hair, over-heating or just being too rough with your hairstyling.  Damaged hair never looks great and can be difficult to style, so keep the use of harsh brushing and heated styling appliances to a minimum and avoid hair accessories that are likely to pull and break your hair.  Invest in a hair cut at your local Fox Hair Design salon in Barwell or Hinckley and ask us about our hair conditioning treatments like Protection Cheveux Complexe.


thinning hair, top hair salons, leicestershireImprove The Appearance Of Thinning Hair

Around 40% of women experience thinning hair or hair loss at some stage in their life.  Hair loss can be caused by multiple factors including hormone changes, side-effects to some medications and conditions, stress and causing continued damage to your hair.  It’s important to take good care of your scalp as well as your hair if you want to improve the thickness of your hair.  To determine whether hormones or a medical condition are causing your hair issues, please see your GP.  


hair smoothing treatments, best hair salons in barwell and hinckley, leicestershireFight Frizz With A Hair Smoothing Treatment 

Curly hair is drier than straight hair so if your hair has become frizzy, it may be dehydrated which means the hair’s cuticles are unable to lie flat.  This allows moisture to pass deep into your hair, causing the strands to swell, making it look frizzy. 

Fight frizzy hair with a Brazilian Keratin Infusion Blow Dry service which will eliminate frizz and reduce curl for up to 12 weeks. Our hair smoothing treatment will improve your hair’s condition and add shine.  It is effective on all hair types too!  Find out more about our hair smoothing treatments in Leicestershire.