FOX Hair Design | A Safe Space for All

We are a safe space for all.

Did you know that Fox Hair Design has a policy of no judgement, ever

We are advocates of equality for all, regardless.

Be assured that when you enter our salon you are in a safe space.

We spend a great deal of time developing our understanding for us to provide a safe space for you to be yourself. We are a people centric organisation, who prides itself in allowing everyone to “be themselves”.

Our safe space must be a safe space for all our guests and staff at any given point. Our inclusivity and non-judgement approach has boundaries in which every person is protected within. If guests or staff members are made to feel uncomfortable by others within our safe space, then the person causing upset will no longer be welcomed into the salon. We do not accept or tolerate people being unkind.

“We ask for every person who steps over our threshold to join us in embracing and celebrating diversity.”

Carl Fox | Owner