Keeping Up With Your Hair Colour – Highlights, Glosses & Toners Explained

With so many amazing hair colour techniques available at FOX Hair Design, it can often be a little overwhelming as to what each service entails. Here, we break down some of the most popular hair colour techniques at our Hinckley and Barwell salons as part of this month’s hair colour focus – including highlights, toners and colour glossing. 

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Hair Colour 101: Highlights

Penny, Creative Director Fox Hair Design Hinckley 

Highlights are a great way of adding dimension and tonality to hair. Gone are the days of bright brassy stripy highlights. The colour, tone, and placement of highlights is bespoke. Highlights are a great way of showing off a great hair cut. Maintenance and upkeep is generally lower than a full head block colour…unless you like your hair super blonde!

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Hair Colour 101: Gloss

Jade, Senior Stylist Fox Hair Design Barwell

A colour gloss does exactly what it says. It adds a beautiful glossy shine to the hair, without drastically changing your colour. Colour glosses are really good to have done in between colour services, especially if you have a balayage or ombre. They stop your colour looking dull and washed out. Glosses are semi-permanent and will gradually fade after about 12 washes.

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Hair Colour 101: Toners

Grace, Salon Director Fox Hair Design Barwell 

A toner can change a blonde in a matter of minutes. We use toners to cancel or correct the colours that are brought out during a lightening process. A toner can change a brassy blonde in to a cool ash in no time at all. Toners are like the icing on the cake. Toners are only temporary; most blondies know that. Toners need to be topped up regularly to keep your blonde on point.

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Don’t know your Balayage from your Ombre? Click here to find out the difference in our handy guide.

Which Hair Colour Will Suit Me?

Which Hair Colour Will Suit Me?

Choosing The Perfect Hair Colour For Your Skin Tone at FOX Hair Design Salons in Barwell & Hinckley

Choosing the right hair colour for you isn’t just about picking your favourite shade. It’s also about ensuring that your brand new hair colour accentuates your appearance – and makes you look and feel great!

At FOX Hair Design Salons in Barwell & Hinckley, our team of stylists have the expertise to help you find your dream hair colour. During your complimentary hair colour consultation we can discuss the colours you like, the look you want, and find the right hair colour for you. 

Skin Tone & Hair Colour Choice – What’s Right For Me?

Your skin tone plays a major role in choosing the correct hair colour. If you choose a shade that is too dark for your skin tone, you may look washed out; opt for a hair colour that is too light and your hair can seemingly ‘disappear’ against your skin.

Hair Colours For Darker Skin Tones: If you have a darker skin tone, then you can pull off brighter colours and rich tones. How about some gorgeous brunette lowlights, a full head of golden highlights or hand-painted balayage?

Hair Colours For Pale Skin: Porcelain skin tone often has olive undertones which allows you to choose lighter hair colours such as champagne or platinum shades. Strawberry blondes and copper hair shades also look great on lighter skin tones.

Hair Colours For Warm Skin Tones: Warm skin tone has undertones of yellow and gold. Try cool browns and copper hair colours.

Hair Colours For Neutral Skin: You’re one of the lucky ones! Great news is you will suit most hair colours so why not give them all a whirl!?

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Book Your Hair Colour Appointment at FOX Hair Design Salons in Barwell & Hinckley

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Balayage vs Ombre Hair Colour…What’s The Difference?!

Balayage and ombre are two of the most popular hair coloring techniques around. While we’ve all heard of them, it can sometimes be a little tricky to figure out the difference – let alone decide which hair colour technique is right for you.

Balayage vs Ombre Hair Colour...Whats The Difference?!

If you’re not sure where to start, don’t panic. The team of hair colour technicians at FOX Hair Design salons in Barwell & Hinckley have the expertise to help you find the perfect hair colour for you based upon your skin tone, overall appearance and desired look. 

Here, we’ve broken down the difference between balayage and ombre styles to get you started…


Balayage is a freehand technique that is used instead of traditional cap or foil highlights. This gives your FOX Hair Design stylist the creative freedom to make a bespoke look for you.

From a child’s sun kissed hair in summer, to a more edgy look, it is all up to you and your stylist’s vision. The grow out of a balayage is very natural looking and also requires minimum upkeep.

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Ombre is a colour fading gradually from roots to ends, typically darkest at the roots to lighter at the ends. What continues to be so exciting about this technique is that it’s the best of both worlds, light and dark. It allows us to create bold colour contrasts, whereas Balayage has a more natural-looking finish.

This could be a huge contrast in colour, or more slight depending on your desired end result. The upkeep for an ombre is minimal which is essential for today’s girl on the go. Call to schedule your ombre or balayage hair appointment today! Call 01455 850840 (Barwell Salon) or 01455 633055 (Hinckley Salon)

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