Love Island Gossip About …Hair Extensions !

Obsessed With Love Island?  For the Stylists at Fox Hair Design in Barwell & Hinckley It’s All About the Hair Extensions!

There’s no doubt about it, the nation is just a little bit obsessed about Love Island.  Can Adam and Megan be trusted, will Wes get back with Laura, is it true love for Dani and Jack?  

But while everyone else is talking about the various love shenanigans in the villa, the team here at Fox Hair Design Salons in Barwell & Hinckley can’t help but focus on the girls’ hair extensions!  Before we continue, we’d just like to say that if you get your hair extensions at Fox Hair Design in Barwell or Hinckley, they will be the best quality and will be superbly blended to look natural! 

So here is our lowdown on the hair extensions in Love Island… 


Laura from Love Island’s Hair Extensions Disaster

It’s obvious that Laura is wearing hair extensions.  They are extremely long and blonde, sitting on dark roots, which make them more obvious than if they were blended.  Plus, the sun has not been kind to them and the ends are beginning to discolour.  Having said that, she styles her hair extensions well, opting for lovely waves when she glams up in the evening.  

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Is Love Island’s Dani Wearing Taped Hair Extensions?

We love Dani’s hair extensions.  We think she’s wearing taped extensions but she hides them well and clearly looks after her hair.  It is in great condition and she sensibly wears her hair extensions up in a bun or ponytail during the day to keep them clean and clear of sun cream and pool water.  

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Love Island’s Hayley – Love or Hate Hayley’s Hair Extensions?

OK, so Hayley has now left the villa and is making her way home to the city of Liverpool (or is that a county?  or country?  Sorry…. in-joke).  We think Hayley had individual extensions.  They started off looking good but ended up a bit wispy by the end of her time in the villa.

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Hair Extensions Advice from Fox Hair Design Hairdressers in Barwell & Hinckley

Keep your hair extensions looking fabulous for longer with these top tips for looking after your hair extensions.

  • Separate each hair extension bond daily to ensure they are sitting separately and are not tangled.  Gently rake your fingers through your hair.
  • Use the recommended shampoo and conditioner as your haircare routine will maintain the condition of your hair extensions.
  • Be gentle with your hair extensions, particularly when brushing.
  • Do not go to bed with wet hair extensions.
  • When on holiday, avoid getting chlorine and sea water on your hair.  Use a hair oil to keep the ends of your hair moisturised and to help with discolouration from the sun’s harsh rays.   Consider wearing a hat or scarf to cover your hair from the sun.
  • Book in for regular hair extensions maintenance appointments at Fox Hair Design salons in Barwell or Hinckley.  

The Best Hair Extensions at Fox Hair Salons in Barwell & Hinckley

Taped hair extensions, fox hair design hairdresseres in hinckley and barwell, leicestershire

We offer a great range of hair extensions to suit all budgets, from luxurious Balmain Hair Extensions to lovely L’Switch Taped Hair Extensions.  All our hair extensions are remy human hair of the highest quality.  Our extensionists are highly experienced in fitting extensions so they blend perfectly with your own hair and look realistic and natural.  Book in for a hair extensions consultation today by calling us on 01455 245245.






Summer Hair Colours

Summer Hair Colour Trends at Fox Hairdressers in Barwell & Hinckley

Summer is fast approaching which means you need to get your summer look ready! This summer it’s all about hair colour, so book in at our hairdressing salons in Barwell or Hinckley to find an on-trend look for you. 

If you are unsure about your next hair colour, why not book in for a complimentary hair colour consultation so that we can find your perfect summer hair colour?  Please also remember that we will require you to do a quick skin patch test 48 hours before your hair colour appointment!


Cool Blonde Hair Colours for Summer

summer hair colour trends, fox hair design salons, barwell and hinckleySummer is the time to go a shade or three lighter!  Whether you want ice white blonde hair, a beautiful ash blonde or silver grey blonde shades, we will keep you looking hot this summer.

Blonde is a very forgiving hair colour and we can find a shade to suit just about anyone.  A dramatic hair colour change will require the touch of an expert colourist so make sure that you come in for a complimentary colour consultation first.

Bear in mind that someone who already has light hair will be able to achieve a blonde shade more easily than someone transitioning from brown or dark hair.


Red and Golden Hair Colours

summer hair colour trends, hinckley hairdressers, barwell hair salonIf you don’t want to be an ice queen this summer, and would prefer to be a red-headed goddess then come into our Leicestershire hairdressing salons in Barwell and Hinckley to get the perfect hair colour for you.

From gorgeous golden blonde hair colours to red hair colours, we can create the perfect, on-trend look for summer.

Golden and copper or rich red highlights or balayage effects can be woven into darker hair to give you depth of colour. 

If you’ve seen an image of a hair colour you would like, make sure you show it to your Fox hair stylist so we can recreate the look for you.


Sun-Kissed Brunette Hair Colours

hair color, hair salon, Hinckley, LeicestershireIf you fancy going a little lighter over summer, consider adding some glamorous highlights throughout your hair. 

We can do a full head of highlights, half a head of highlights or place colour exactly where you want it – perhaps framing your face for a sun-kissed look.

This means that you don’t have to go on holiday to achieve that sun-kissed look (you can just tell everybody you did)!

Adding two or more new colours to your natural hair base will add depth and interest to your hairstyle to give you a sensational new look for summer.


Balayage Hair Trend for Summer

balayage, fox hair design salons, barwell and hinckley, leicestershireBalayage is a bespoke colouring technique that can give you a subtle or extreme change depending on the look you desire. 

Usually, balayage is natural looking and low maintenance, with a few subtle lighter highlights added to create a sun-kissed look. 

Some clients prefer a bolder look using bright vibrant colours. This requires more maintenance, but is totally worth it when you’re turning heads because of your vibrant look.

Whatever hair colour you fancy for summer, book in soon so we can create a brilliant new hair cut & colour just for you.


Pretty In Pink – Pastel Hair Colours

unicorn hair colour, pastel hair colours, summer hair trends, barwell hairdressers, hinckley hair salon The latest pastel hair colours can give you a range of looks from pretty pastel to vibrant fashion colours. 

These semi-permanent colours fade out true to tone so look gorgeous for weeks!  They’ll simply fade with each wash and you can pop back for a new colour when you’re ready – or return to your usual base shade. 

From gorgeous rose gold to bold blues or lovely lilacs, make sure you are pretty in pink this summer… or whatever colour your heart desires!



Book Your Hair Colour Appointment at Fox Hair Design Salons, Barwell & Hinckley

Book into Fox Hair Design for your summer hair colour appointment by calling us on 01455 245245 or book online here. We will take the time to help find the perfect hair colour for you, whether that’s platinum blonde, balayage, the richest red or something in between. 


All About The Blonde

All About Going Blonde at Fox Hair Design Salons in Hinckley and Barwell

Achieving the perfect blonde hair colour is an exact science which takes skill and experience, so it’s always best left to the professionals at Fox Hair Design salons in Hinckley and Barwell.

There are multiple blonde shades so it’s important you have the colour you desire.  Please book in for a complimentary colour consultation prior to your appointment to help us achieve this.  In the meantime, check out this article which answers lots of your questions about what it takes to get the perfect blonde.    

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Will Blonde Hair Suit Me?

You can choose any blonde you desire, but the hair experts at our salons in Hinckley and Barwell can also advise you on the perfect blonde for you. If you’ve seen a blonde colour you love, show the image to your hairdresser.  Here is a quick guide to which colours might suit you best:

Lighter Skin – Choose golden, strawberry or light blonde colours. 

Medium Skin Tones – Try honey or golden blonde, beige blondes, and light blondes with warm tones.

Dark Skin Colours – Warmer, darker blondes work best such as caramels and golden blondes. 

Which Are The Most Popular Blonde Hair Colours?

Where do we start?  There are so many to choose from.  The most popular right now are highlights, balayage, platinum ice white blondes, silver grey tones and golden blondes. 

What Blonde Hair Techniques Do You Offer?

Highlights, balayage and colour toners remain popular, while others love all over permanent or semi-permanent hair colour.  We offer a big range of blonde techniques.  All you need to do is talk to your colour specialist about the look you want and we can then recommend the best technique to get that look.  Here are just some of the hair colouring terms you might have heard about…

Foiling/ Babylights/ Microlights/ Scatterings
Flashlights or Colour Panels
All-Over Hair Colour
Glossing to Enhance Colour & Shine
Ombre, Balayage & Root Stretching
Colour Melting

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How Much Will It Cost To Go Blonde? 

This depends on your hair condition, length and technique or level of blondness you want to achieve.  Book in for a free colour consultation so we can give you a no-obligation quote.  You can also check out our price list here.

Can Brunettes Get Great Blonde Colour?

Brunettes can transition to blonde but it’s worth bearing in mind that this will take time to achieve. Book in for a hair colour consultation so we can explain the process, time, colour that will be achieved and price. 

Will Going Blonde Ruin My Hair? 

Advances in hair care products mean we can protect and even strengthen your hair during the hair colouring process. At our hairdressers we offer Protection Cheveux Complexe treatments which protect, restructure and condition the hair both inside and outside during and after chemical treatments.  We also recommend pH-Bonder, a unique treatment that improves the condition of your hair during and after a professional hair colour or lightening service.

What Are The Benefits of Having Blonde Hair?

We love all hair colours here at Mova but as we’re talking about blondes, here are just a few reasons you might want to go all blonde on us!  Blonde is innocent and sexy at the same time.  Blonde is feminine but can also be a bit ‘surfer dudette’. Fun pastel colours or hair chalks really show up well on blonde hair.  Blonde is a real head-turning hair colour.  Marilyn Monroe.  Cameron Diaz.  Brigitte Bardot.  Need we go on…?

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Are There Any Negatives To Having Blonde Hair?

If you opt for an all-over new hair colour, you will need to pop into the salon to have your root regrowth touched up every eight weeks or so.  Highlights are much less obvious and you can have a T-section cover-up every eight weeks or so.  Balayage is even lower maintenance and you may not need to pop into the salon for even longer.  Having said that, we reckon you’ll want to come in for a toner or glossing treatment to boost your colour – and we all love a spot of pampering at our favourite Fox Hair Design hairdressers, don’t we?

Would You Recommend Using A Purple Shampoo?

You can prolong the life of your blonde hair colour by using the right hair care products. Professional colour-enhancing or colour-safe shampoos and conditioners are a must if you want to stop your blonde shade from looking washed out or brassy.   Showcase the beauty of grey, white or light blonde hair with a clarifying purple shampoo which has a neutralising effect to get rid of unwanted brassy tones.  When hair is lightened, its natural warm tones eventually become visible making it look a bit yellow. A deep purple shampoo can also nourish and protect the hair and give a welcome boost of shine too.

How Do I Remove Brassy Tones From My Blonde Hair?

A toner is a great tool for neutralising unwanted yellow or brassy tones from blonde hair. Just like a purple or violet-toned shampoo, a toner can neutralise the brassy shades, while also adding shine to your hair.

Do You Offer Colour Correction Services?

If you’ve had a hair colour disaster with an at-home hair dye kit, we can help correct your hair colour.  Book in as soon as possible for a hair colour correction consultation so we can assess your hair and work on a plan to get it looking healthy and a beautiful colour once again.

How Do I Book In For My New Blonde Hair Colour?

Call us on 01455 245245 or book online here. Please remember that we offer free hair colour consultations and it is also important you come in for a simple patch test 48 hours prior to any colour appointment. 


Countdown To Prom

Prom Countdown at Fox Hair Design in Barwell & Hinckley

Heading off to prom?  If you are looking for inspiration check out our countdown to prom – plus some lovely prom hairstyles – to help you prepare for your big night.

Call your local Fox Hair Design salon in Barwell or Hinckley using the links below to book your prom hair appointment so we can help create a dream hairstyle for your prom. 


6 Months Til Prom: Find the Perfect Prom Dress 

prom hair ideas, hair salons, barwell and hinckleyIt can take quite a while to find the perfect prom dress, so it’s a good idea to start looking as soon as possible.  Try on lots of different dresses until you find the one that makes you feel really special and which suits your unique personal sense of style. 

If your school or college has a closed Facebook page to share pictures of your prom dress, don’t forget to upload your photos as soon as you make the purchase!  This will avoid the awkward moment of arriving at prom only to find someone else wearing the same dress!

Once you’ve chosen your dress, it’s a good idea to start thinking about a prom hairstyle to go with it.  Backless and strappy dresses look lovely with curly hair tumbling down your back or to one side, while higher necklines suit beautiful prom upstyles.  


5 Months Til Prom: Book Your Prom Transport

If you want to arrive at prom in style and you have the funds, there are lots of transport options available. How about a classic car, limousine or even your dad’s old camper van?   Speak to your friends and work out a sensible budget, bearing in mind that your parents may well feel they’ve already spent plenty of money on your prom dress and accessories!   You’ll want to keep some money in the budget for your hair and beauty treatments too!

4 Months Til Prom: Book Your Prom Hair Trial

prom hairstyles, hair salons, barwell, hinckleyTo find the perfect prom hairstyle, it’s a good idea to look online for inspiration. 

There are lots of possible styles to choose from, including long curly prom hairstyles, glamorous prom upstyles, bohemian prom hairstyles, braided prom hairstyles to name but a few.  Once you’ve got some ideas, book a prom hair trial at your local Fox Hair Design salons in Hinckley or Barwell.

Show your stylist your pictures of your favourite prom hairstyles, as well as photos of your prom dress.  We are experts at creating the best prom hairstyles in Leicestershire so we can try out a few styles which will complement your overall prom look.

Before you leave, make sure you book your hair appointment for prom day itself to secure your ideal time-slot.

3 Months Til Prom: Arrange Your Prom Parties

These days it has become traditional for young people to enjoy a pre-prom party, the prom, and then an after-prom party.  Speak to your parents now if you are hoping they will host a party for you!  The pre-prom is a lovely event where a few friends and family can get together before the prom and take some photos to remember this very special occasion. 

Prom Day Has Arrived!

prom hairstyles, hair salons, barwell, hinckleyThe team at our hairdressing salons in Barwell and Hinckley love to transform our clients and see them leaving the salon looking and feeling sensational! 

It’s time to relax and enjoy having your hair done, before heading home to put on your prom dress.  

Make sure you take lots of photos and remember to tag Fox Hair Design! 

We hope you have a wonderful night to remember! 


Head-Turning Hair Colour

Choose Fox Hair Design in Hinckley & Barwell For The Best Hair Colour Results

Head-Turning Hair Colour

There are very few hair salons who can say they are the best when it comes to creating sensational hair colour…but we’re pretty confident that’s exactly what our guests will tell you about Fox Hair Design in Hinckley and Barwell!

Guests travel to us from far afield because they know we have the technical expertise and experience, plus we use the best hair colour products from internationally renowned hair experts La Biosthétique,  to deliver exceptional hair colour results.

Our guest promise is ‘it’s all about you‘ which sets us apart from every other salon in the area so you can rest assured your hair is in safe hands.   We love to welcome guests old and new so please feel free to call the team on 01455 245245 or book online here.

Perfect Hair Colour – Book In For A Detailed Colour Consultation

hair colour experts, hair salons, Hinckley and Barwell, LeicestershireOur hair colour consultations are second to none because our hair colour experts time with each guest to help us fully understand what you want from your hair. 

We’ll assess the condition of your hair, look at which hair colours would best suit you and work well with your hairstyle, and talk about maintenance and home hair care.  There’s no obligation to book in for a hair colour with us, although just about everyone does! 

Remember also that you will require a quick allergy patch test 48 hours before your hair colour appointment to ensure you are not sensitive to the hair colour products we use. 


Colour Technicians at Fox Hair Design in Barwell & Hinckley Gain Highest Level Colour Genius Diploma in Hair Colour

hair colour, fox hair design salons, hinckley and barwellWe take the training and development of our stylists and colour technicians seriously here at Fox Hair Design. 

One of the most sought-after qualifications is the Colour Genius Diploma from La Biosthetique and we are delighted that so many of our team have achieved this coveted status.

This is an intensive course for experienced colourists and stylists who have a passion for what they do and aspire to be at the top of their game. 

It broadens and strengthens every delegate’s colour knowledge and skills both technically and creatively, also giving them a higher understanding of the science behind colour.  


Get The Latest Hair Colour Trends – Pastel Hair Colours

colour correction, fox hair salons, barwell and hinckleyThe right hair colour can take you from drab to fab so why not let us work our magic on your locks?  

Our team are highly trained in the latest hair colouring techniques and can offer the full range of hair colour services, including balayage and ombre, full colour, hair contouring and highlights & lowlights. 

One of the most sought-after looks at the moment is pastel hair colour.  Men and women of all ages are opting for pretty pink, lilac or blue hair. 

Using semi-permanent pastel hair colours, we can give you an on-trend look that fades true to colour over several washes…. ready for when you want a new colour reapplied!


Accentuate Your Hairstyle with Balayage or Highlights

balayage hair colour, hair salons, barwell and hinckleyBalayage creates depth and dimension that leaves our guests with beautiful sun-kissed and completely individual looks.

Often confused with ombre, balayage is a more subtle look where highights are painted onto the hair through the mid-lengths and ends for a multi-tonal natural look.  

Ombre is the transition from a darker colour into a lighter colour, generally focusing the lighter colour towards the ends of your hair and giving a more definite ‘line’ between two colours.

Highlights or lowlights are perfect if you want to brighten or darken your natural hair colour and add multiple tones and shades.  We offer a multitude of colour choices from sun-kissed blondes, to vibrant redheads or chocolate brown lowlights to add interest to your natural hair colour.  I

f you have grey hair and want to give it a lift, we can add some subtle highlights to achieve the desired look.

Hair Colour Correction Experts in Barwell and Hinckley

blondes, hair salons, hinckley and barwell, leicestershireIf you’ve had a hair dye disaster at home, and are looking for a hair colour expert in Leicestershire, you will be relieved to learn that we specialise in hair colour correction.  We will assess each section of your hair to come up with a plan to transform your hair back to a beautiful colour and condition.

One of our most effective hair treatments is Protection Cheveux Complexe (PCC) from La Biosthétique.  This is a three-step treatment that protects, restructures and conditions your hair during the colouring process. 

The first two steps are carried out in salon, while the third is an at-home treatment so you can continue to care for your hair in the comfort of your home!