Perfect Party Hairstyle Ideas

Christmas Is Coming… Get The Best Party Hairstyles at Fox Hair Design Salons in Barwell & Hinckley

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If you have a special event to attend why not let the team at Fox Hair Design Salons create a gorgeous party hairstyle for you?  We can create all sorts of brilliant hairstyles including upstyles, perfectly plaited styles, wavy hair, spiral curls and hair with tons of va-va-va-volume!

If your hair is at that in-between stage, but you don’t want a big chop, why not add length by getting some hair extensions?  We can add both length and volume to your hair using our high-quality hair extensions. Book your hair appointment online here.

Long Hairstyles for Parties

Long hair can be styled in a variety ways so you can change your look depending on the tone of the event or party you are attending.  A professional blow dry will give your hair bounce and volume with a style that will last through the night, or why not add spiral curls or gentle waves for a romantic party look.  Straight hair can look sleek and stylish but be sure to protect your hair from excess heat by using the right hair finishing products.

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Party Styles for Shorter Hair

Bobbed and super short hair are on trend at the moment so why not have some fun with your short locks? Why not add a shock of colour or a sparkly hair accessory to your short hairstyle to give it extra interest and make sure you style it in different ways – maybe slicked back and super sleek one day, messy the next, then spiked or wavy for a special party look.  If it’s very short, make sure you add the right styling products to give your hair volume and some oomph!

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Ponytails & Plaited Hairstyles

Plaited hairstyles can be so versatile, either sleek and circling an elegant updo, or holding back tumbling long locks, it’s completely up to you. Use plenty of texturising product to make those braids stand out, and add lots of volume. Or why not be the Queen of the party this year with a beautiful crown braid?  For a simpler, yet just as chic hairstyle, try a ponytail worn high up on the crown. 

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Party Upstyles for Christmas

If you’re looking for a tried and tested party hair style, you can’t go wrong with an elegant updo. If you’re attending a formal event, consider a low slung bun or an intricate plaited updo. Looking for a more casual party look? The dishevelled ballerina bun is very on trend this party season or opt for a classic chignon and make sure you loosen some strands of hair so they can frame your face.

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Book Your Party Hairstyle at Fox Hair Design Salons in Barwell & Hinckley

We get very busy in the months leading up to Christmas so if you know you have a special event in November or December, please book in now to secure your appointment. You can book online or call us on 01455 245245.

Tip Tips for Winter Haircare

Top Tips for winter hair at Fox hair design Barwell Hinckley Nuneaton Elmesthorpe Bosworth Leicestershire

Top Tips on How To Protect Your Tresses this Winter from FOX Hair Design Salons in Barwell & Hinckley

Winter has well and truly arrived, folks!

As the temperature drops with the change of season, our skin, hair and nails can really suffer. The whipping cold winds and dry air can often strip moisture from your pores and strands – not to mention leaving your hair feeling rough, frizzy and lacking in vitality, too. Plus, the up-coming party season is bound to take its toll on your hair. Endless tonging, curling, straightening and blow drying can leave locks in need of some serious TLC.

Fortunately, we stock a vast range of miracle products at FOX Hair Design, each designed to defy the elements and salvage our tresses until we can wave a fond farewell to the deep-freeze winter months. Here are our top tips to overhaul your hair care regime for the Winter.

Nourish, Nourish, Nourish!

The first step to keeping your hair in tip-top condition this winter is to have a good trim to remove damaged and dry ends. This is the perfect opportunity to talk to your FOX Hair Design stylist about a new, dynamic look for winter. While you’re there, have an in-salon nourishing and repair treatment to add moisture, protein and shine back to your hair.

And take home a treatment regime especially prescribed for your specific hair needs. Your FOX Hair Design stylist will be able to advise the best care regime of shampoo, conditioner, weekly at home treatment and daily leave in for your specific hair type.

Smooth Operator

You may not even think of going in for a Keratin Smoothing Treatment when the temperatures are so brisk – after all, isn’t the point of a Keratin Treatment to protect against your hair from heat-induced humidity? Surprise: Smoothing treatments are great for the winter months as well, as that’s when the hair is in its driest and most vulnerable state, says Carl Fox, Director at Fox Hair Design.

The beauty of the 72 Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment at Fox Hair Design is that it is Keratin-based – Keratin is a protein that is found naturally in our hair and nails. The Keratin is locked deep within your hair enveloping it with a special coating that leaves your hair smooth, strong, silky and shiny. Follow up with a deep conditioning masque once a week to keep your locks frizz-free all year long (and through the New Year, too!).

Brighten Up Your Hair Colour

Consider talking to your FOX Hair Design stylist about adding some balayage highlights into your hair during the winter months. The balayage technique is a great way to keep your hair looking naturally sun-kissed all year long, and can also be used to add not just highlights, but lowlights, too, which results in seamless and blended dimension.

This subtle, natural colouring technique can transform even the dullest head of hair into refreshed, younger, more beautiful looking hair.

FOX Hair Design Director Carl’s Top Product Recommendations…