The Science Behind What Makes Your Hair Grow!

How Fast Does Hair Grow?

Have you ever asked yourself ‘how fast does my hair grow?’ or ‘how many hairs have I got on my head?’ At Fox Hair Design in Barwell, our expert stylists bring you all the scientific facts on how your hair grows.

You have on average an incredible 100,000 hair follicles on your head that grow around ½ an inch per month or 0.35mm a day! The pace at which they grow differs depending on a variety of factors such as diet, nutrition, genetics and hormones. Pregnant women often say that their hair feels thicker and stronger during pregnancy with a healthy shine, this is largely due to the extra hormones racing around the body.

The science behind your hair explained

Pay close attention – here comes the science bit…
If you have ever wondered why it doesn’t hurt when you have your hair cut the simple reason is that when your hair pokes through your skin it is in fact already dead!

The hair that grows up from the follicle root is made up from cell proteins, which are fed by the blood vessels dotted around the scalp. Hair starts to grow in length as more cells are generated and push through the skin. A hard protein named keratin makes up the hair shaft itself and when it is long enough it will show through the skin.

When it eventually pops through to show on the scalp, the hair is already dead, which is why you can’t feel anything when you get your hair cut!

Why  won’t my hair grow any longer?

Even with regular haircuts, frequent conditioning hair treatments, and using the correct styling products, hair will often get to a length and then will simply not grow past it.

This is largely thanks to the size and shape of our hair follicles. Round follicles attach to the the hair better so have a better chance of growing long while flat hair follicles are often associated with shorter hair lengths as they struggle to attach to the hair.

How to grow your hair faster and longer – tops tips from Fox Hair

Although hair will often get to a length to which it will not grow beyond this does not mean we can not encourage it to grow quicker and healthier. The expert hairstylists at Fox Hair Design in Barwell hairdressing salon give you their top hair tips which will help to grow your hair longer.

• Eat a rich diet including protein, zinc and iron.
• Take supplements to help nourish your follicles and encourage hair growth.
• Use a professional shampoo and conditioner, and treat your hair to regular conditioning treatments.
• Regular haircuts – although this will not make your hair grow faster it will prevent breakage therefore increasing length.

What causes damage to my hair?

Our team of skilled hairdressers suggest avoiding the continued use of shampoos and conditioners that contain silicones as they can degrade the hair and cause hair breakage. Heated appliances can weaken and eventually break the hair shafts whilst chlorine can soften the hair and result in it feeling dry.

Our expert team suggest regular trims and using professional hair care products that will help to strengthen and maintain a healthy, glossy head of hair. At Fox Hair Design our experienced hair stylists will deliver you luxury deep conditioning hair treatments that will leave your hair looking super glossy and help repair split ends.

Visit the hair experts at Fox Hair Design in Barwell

If you would like to book an appointment with one of our professional hairstylists in Barwell, or would like further advice regarding the hair services that we offer, call our friendly team on 01455245245

Tip Tips for Winter Haircare

Top Tips on How To Protect Your Tresses this Winter from FOX Hair Design

Winter has well and truly arrived, folks!

As the temperature drops with the change of season, our skin, hair and nails can really suffer. The whipping cold winds and dry air can often strip moisture from your pores and strands – not to mention leaving your hair feeling rough, frizzy and lacking in vitality, too. Plus, the up-coming party season is bound to take its toll on your hair. Endless tonging, curling, straightening and blow drying can leave locks in need of some serious TLC.

Fortunately, we stock a vast range of miracle products at FOX Hair Design, each designed to defy the elements and salvage our tresses until we can wave a fond farewell to the deep-freeze winter months. Here are our top tips to overhaul your hair care regime for the Winter.

Nourish, Nourish, Nourish!

The first step to keeping your hair in tip-top condition this winter is to have a good trim to remove damaged and dry ends. This is the perfect opportunity to talk to your FOX Hair Design stylist about a new, dynamic look for winter. While you’re there, have an in-salon nourishing and repair treatment to add moisture, protein and shine back to your hair. Why not talk to us about Schwarzkopf Professional Fibre Clinix; a truly personalised treatment service that rebuilds damaged bonds inside the hair. Fibre Clinix is a two part service that is tailored to your hair care needs through adding a shot of concentrate that tackles colour retention, damage, hydration, volume or frizz.

And take home a treatment regime especially prescribed for your specific hair needs. Your FOX Hair Design stylist will be able to advise the best care regime of shampoo, conditioner, weekly at home treatment and daily leave in for your specific hair type.

Smooth Operator

You may not even think of going in for a Keratin Smoothing Treatment when the temperatures are so brisk – after all, isn’t the point of a Keratin Treatment to protect against your hair from heat-induced humidity? Surprise: Smoothing treatments are great for the winter months as well, as that’s when the hair is in its driest and most vulnerable state, says Carl Fox, Director at Fox Hair Design.

The beauty of the 72 Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment at Fox Hair Design is that it is Keratin-based – Keratin is a protein that is found naturally in our hair and nails. The Keratin is locked deep within your hair enveloping it with a special coating that leaves your hair smooth, strong, silky and shiny. Follow up with a deep conditioning masque once a week to keep your locks frizz-free all year long (and through the New Year, too!).

Brighten Up Your Hair Colour

Consider talking to your FOX Hair Design stylist about adding some balayage highlights into your hair during the winter months. The balayage technique is a great way to keep your hair looking naturally sun-kissed all year long, and can also be used to add not just highlights, but lowlights, too, which results in seamless and blended dimension.

This subtle, natural colouring technique can transform even the dullest head of hair into refreshed, younger, more beautiful looking hair.

FOX | Retro Hair Styling

Spring 2021 Inspiration

The change of season gives us the perfect opportunity to try a new hairstyle or colour! Pop in for a Spring hair makeover soon!

Autumn Hair Colour Trends

Autumn Hair Colour Trends

We love what we do so we’re always up to date with the latest hair looks so check out these Autumn Hair Colour Trends if you want a look that’s hot to trot this season!

FOX Hair Salons Leicester | La Biosthetique

Why Brunette is Best

Why Brunette is Best

Whether you’re already brunette, but want to try a different shade, or you’re blonde and want to go darker for the winter months, there’s a wealth of brunette hair shades to choose from!

Are you unsure about the best brunette hair colour shades for your hair and skin tone? Look no further: the hair colour experts at Fox Hair Design salons in Barwell & Hinckley are here to explain the different shades of brunette available, as well as how you can get creative with different colouring techniques, so you’ll be sure to get the perfect darker hair shade for you!

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How Do I Know What Skin Tone I Have?

Your skin tone is not the same as your skin colour. To find the best brunette hair shade for you, you’ll need to work out which type of skin tone you have.

If silvery blue colours complement your complexion, or your veins tend to be more blue than green, it is likely that you have a cool skin tone. If, however, gold colours brighten your face and your veins are more of a green shade, you most likely have a warm skin tone. As with everything though, there’s always a middle ground, and those lucky enough to have neutral-toned skin can rock almost any brunette hair colour.

Once you know what skin tone you have, you can choose the most flattering brunette hair colours – with the help from a hair colour expert at Fox Hair Design of course!

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Brunette Hair Colours for Warm Skin Tones

When it comes to finding your perfect brunette hair shade, you need to compliment your warm skin tone. The best brunette colours for warm skin tones are those with red undertones such as honey browns, auburns, caramel colours and copper tones.

The Best Brunette Hair Colours for Cool Skin Tones

For cool skin tones, certain brunette shades can brighten the complexion. Dark auburn and chestnut brown colours are ideal to reveal a radiant complexion. If you are currently a blonde and don’t want to go too dark, you could ask for a light ash brown or iced coffee shade which would be ideal for those with a cool skin tone.

Temporary Brunette Hair Colours

If you’re not sure which brunette shade is right for you, or you don’t want to make a big committment to your hair colour, ask your Fox Hair Design hair colour expert about semi-permanent or temporary hair colour. We can create some fabulous, natural looking temporary brunette hair colours for you at our Barwell & Hinckley hair salons.

Multi-Dimensional Brunette Balayage Hair Colours

There are a wide range of brunette hair colours, which are perfect for creating multi-dimensional thicker looking hair. An ideal way to create this multi-dimensional look is by asking your Fox hair colour specialist about our fantastic balayage hair colours.

Balayage is one of the most requested hair colouring techniques, where the colour is hand painted onto your hair to create a bespoke, natural looking and low maintenance brunette hair colour. We can use a subtle blend of highlights and lowlights to create the brunette balayage colour of your dreams.

For the winter months, many women choose to add copper and bronze brunette shades to flatter and warm their brown hair.

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Book Your Brunette Hair Colour Appointment at Fox Hair Design in Barwell & Hinckley

We’d love to see you for a brunette hair colour makeover. We can help you find a fabulous hair cut or style and a sensational new hair colour to match. Our hair colour consultations are completely free so book in today by calling your local Fox hair salon on 01455 245245 or you can book online here.


FOX | Fresh Spring Hairdressing

Spring Hair Trends

Get the latest Spring Hair Trends at Fox Hair Design salons in Barwell and Hinckley, Leicestershire, from bobs with fringes to casual layered wavy hairstyles.

Fox Hair Design | Dev 2020

FOX Hair Salons Leicester


The change of season gives us the perfect opportunity to try a new hairstyle or colour! Pop in for a Spring hair makeover soon!

Best Hair Colour in Leicestershire

Find Out Why Guests Say Fox Hair Salons Create The Best Hair Colour In Leicestershire!

Our guests tell us that Fox Hair Design Salons in Barwell & Hinckley create the best hair colour in Leicestershire!  But what is it that makes us stand out from the crowd when it comes to delivering sensational hair colours for our clients?  Read on to find out why you should visit Fox Hair Salons if you are thinking of a new hair colour, a colour refresh or simply want a beautiful hair colour that is vibrant and shiny. Then, when you’re ready, give us a call on 01455 245245 to book in.

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hair colour experts fox hair design salons barwell hinckley leicestershire

Highly Trained Colour Geniuses

The guest experience that we offer is second to none and our guest promise “it’s all about you” sets us apart from every other salon in the area.

Our team regularly receive training to ensure we stay on top of the latest trends, products and techniques – in fact, we put hair colour education and team development at the heart of everything we do.

It goes without saying you want the best hairdressers to work on your hair.  You will, therefore, be pleased to hear that we have several La Biosthetique trained Colour Geniuses in our salons to help you achieve your dream hair colour.  La Biosthetique is the colour brand that we use to create beautiful hair colours – a brand that is recognised worldwide for its long lasting hair colour results.

Whether you want to go for a bold new hair colour, a sun-kissed balayage, or a simple root touch up, our dedicated team offer a wide range of hair colour services and application techniques unique to your individual hair needs.

Feel free to call the team on 01455 245245 or book your hair colour appointment online here.

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Responsible Hair Colouring

We are a responsible hair salon and only offer colour services to men and women aged 16 and over. It is also essential that you pop in for a skin test at least 48 hours before your colour appointment to test for possible allergies to the products we use.  Simply pop in and we will dab a small amount of hair colour behind your ear.  You then wipe this away after 30 minutes.  If you have not had a reaction within 48 hours, we can go ahead and colour your hair.

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Free Hair Colour Consultations

From the very first moment we meet you, we promise “it’s all about you” at our hair salons in Barwell and Hinckley.  Our stylists and colour technicians like to establish a relationship with their clients, allowing us to discuss the hair colours you like and which hair colours will suit your skin tone.

Your hair colouring process will be uniquely tailored to you, taking into account your lifestyle and personality, ensuring that you have the best overall hair colour experience possible.

It can feel like a little daunting if you are new to hair colouring or want a dramatic hair colour change.  We will do our best to make you feel at ease, and will explain what we are planning to do and answer all your questions.  Once we have a good understanding of what you want and which colours would suit you, we will give you a no pressure, no-obligation quote.

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Colour Correction Experts In Leicestershire

Hair colour is what we do best!  From covering or blending grey hairs to creating sun kissed balayage or crazy hair colours, we have the knowledge and the expertise to make it happen.

We are also experts in colour correction, so whether you want a complete change of colour or you’ve experienced a hair colour disaster at home or elsewhere, we can help.

Your first step is to book in for a consultation so we can assess the problem and come up with a plan.  We will analyse your hair and may carry out some simple tests to check your hair’s condition, porosity and suitability for further colouring.

We will keep you informed throughout the process and will give you a quote so you can decide whether you wish to proceed.  We’re sure you will be delighted with the end result when you do decide to go ahead.

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Hair Colour That’s Gentle

Our hair colour suppliers, La Biosthétique, offer various hair colour products including one that is particularly gentle on your hair and scalp. It contains a combination of Japanese yellow wood extract and calming aloe vera. Coconut oil and betaine supply moisture and softness and give your hair extraordinary shine and colour brilliance.

The combination of natural ingredients, state-of-the-art research and a passion for beauty have always defined the philosophy of the La Biosthétique brand, which is why we love using their high quality hair colouring products.

Caring For Coloured Hair

If your hair is excessively dry or damaged, we may recommend a colour protection treatment such as Protection Cheveux Complexe which protects, restructures and conditions your hair to help the colour last longer.

Also known as PCC, this in-salon treatment contains a revolutionary active ingredient which protects, restructures and conditions the hair both inside and outside during and after chemical treatments. The hair structure is renewed, conditioned and sealed to retain its natural beauty.

We can also recommend the right hair care products which you can use at home to keep your hair colour looking fresher and vibrant for even longer.

Look Your Best For Valentine’s Day!

Beautiful Hair For Valentine’s Day at Fox Hair Salons in Barwell & Hinckley

If you’re heading off on a hot date this Valentine’s Day, why not let us work out magic on your hair?  Book in for a colour refresh, bouncy blow dry, or a gorgeous upstyle for your special date. Whatever your hair needs, we have a team of highly trained specialists who can help. Give us a ring on 01455 245245 or book your hair appointment online here.

Be A Smoothie This Valentine’s Day!

hair smoothing fox hair salons leicestershireSay bye bye to frizzy hair and hello to smooth, manageable hair with the Brazilian Keratin Infusion Blow Dry service at Fox Hair Design Salons in Barwell and Hinckley – designed to last for up to 12 weeks.

This stunning hair smoothing treatment will improve the condition of your hair, add shine and reduce blow dry & styling time by up to 50%.

It is effective on all hair types including virgin, highlighted, coloured, bleached, permed or relaxed hair.

Call us on 01455 245245 to book in for a hair smoothing consultation.  Read more about our hair smoothing services.


Luscious Long Hair – Add Volume & Length

hair colour, hair salon, Hinckley, LeicestershireAdding length and volume to your hair has never been so quick, easy and affordable, thanks to some of the best hair extensions in Leicestershire at Fox Hair Design salons in Barwell and Hinckley.

We offer a good choice of high-quality hair extensions which can be fixed in place using numerous tried and tested methods such as bonded hair extensions, weft extensions and taped hair extensions.

Whatever your budget, make sure you book in for a complimentary hair extensions consultation so we can assess your hair, consider the look you want, and explain the options and prices available.

Read more about our hair extensions services.


Feel Fabulous – Get A Hairstyle That Suits You

hair cuts styles fox hair salons barwell and hinckleyIf you are stuck in a hair rut, it may be time to take advantage of a complimentary hair consultation at your local Fox Hair Design salon.

We can help find a hairstyle that suits your facial features, your sense of style and works beautifully with your hair type and texture.

Whether you are looking for a short, edgy hair cut, a mid-length bob or want more layers to give your long hair shape and movement, we will give you an honest assessment and only recommend hairstyles that will suit you.

Book in soon so we can discuss the looks you love and come up with a hairstyle that is perfect for you.  Read more about our hair cutting and styling services.


Ooze Confidence With The Right Hair Colour

balayage at fox hair design hairdressers hinckley barwell leicestershireThe right haircut can make you look better and feel more confident.  Combine that with a sensational hair colour and you’ll be oozing confidence.

Our hair colouring process is uniquely tailored to you, taking into account your lifestyle and personality, ensuring that you have the best overall hair colour experience possible.

It’s also fair to say we offer the best hair colour consultations to help find a hair colour that really suits you.

Book in for a consultation so we can have you looking colour-tastic in time for your Valentine’s Day date.  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.