Women’s Hair Trends 2019

Fox Hair Design Salons in Barwell & Hinckley Predict the Top Trends for 2019

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2019 is the year when you should have some fun with your hair – be expressive, experimental and bold! 

The stylists at Fox Hair Design salons in Barwell & Hinckley have done their homework to bring you our hot hair predictions for the new year.  Why not book in for a complimentary consultation if you fancy a restyle so we can assess your hair, your needs and get your look absolutely right for you!?

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Try a Coral Hair Colour in 2019

We expect to see more men and women experimenting with their hair colour in 2019.  Vivid hair colours such as pinks, lemons, corals and silver blues were seen on the runways at London and New York Fashion Weeks but we reckon coral hair colour will be the next BIG THING!

See in Spring with a Lilac Hair Colour

Lilac hair colour was the most searched for hair shade during 2018 and shows no signs of fading in 2019!  Pastel tones are great for clients who want colour that will fade with each wash.  Talk to us about evo FABULOSO Pro, a demi-permanent hair colour which allows us to create conditioners which are customised to your hair colour. This means you can keep your hair colour looking vibrant for longer (and it’s available for just £27).

We can also create a range of playful bright colours and vibrant shades – with hair colours that are wearable and suitable for all ages.  

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Balayage – The Low Maintenance Hair Colour Trend 

Balayage reigns supreme if you want a natural-looking hair colour that is low maintenance.  We can ‘stretch’ your roots and add multi-dimensional shades, growing lighter towards the ends of your hair for an on-trend balayage look.

Natural looking blondes and face-framing highlights will also be popular, using colours that compliment your base shade.  

Short Cropped Geometric Hair Trends in 2019

Super short geometric hair cuts look set to be a big trend in 2019.  The aim is to create a hairstyle that is bold and powerful.  Talk to your stylist who can help you find a short hairstyle that suits you.

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How To Wear Your Fringe in 2019 

Long side-sweeping fringes will remain popular but we also expect to see more short and blunt micro fringes cut a centimetre or so above your eyebrows.  Add an Alice band and you will have the look spot on!

Textured Wavy Hairstyles – The Trend for Relaxed Curls

We predict there will be a move away from perfect wavy hair to more textured, relaxed waves.  Think slightly messy, wavy hair after a day on the beach! 

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Thicker, Fuller & Fiercer – The Blunt Bob is Back 

The bob will never go out of fashion but in 2019 we expect to see more blunt-edged bobs which will sit mid-way between the ears and nape of the neck (although we can vary the length to suit you).  The blunt bob is back and will be thicker, fuller and fiercer hair than ever!

Book Your 2019 Hair Makeover at Fox Hair Design Salons in Leicestershire

We are here to help with your hair needs in 2019, whether that is a simple trim or a full-on hairstyle change.  You can book in for a complimentary hair consultation or book an appointment by calling our hair salons in Barwell and Hinckley on 01455 245245 or book online here.

Please note:  If you are new to hair colour, please book in for a skin test 48 hours prior to your hair colour appointment.

Get The Gloss with La Biosthetique Color and Gloss

Natural, shiny, conditioning: The gentle method to create intense colour and radiant shine with the innovative demi-permanent tinting gel Color & Gloss.

Fox Hair Design Colour Geniuses in Hinckley and Barwell have an exciting new colour service to ensure your hair is looking beautiful.

Color & Gloss from La Biosthetique Paris is suitable for everyone who loves their hair colour and wants to gently give this love even more expression and shine. Your colour, but more beautiful! This is Color & Gloss! The demi-permanent colour softly enhances instead of drastically changing the colour. Using a very gentle method, completely free from ammonia, Color & Gloss intensifies every hair colour, whether natural or coloured. Lightened hair is given individual shading, grey hair is concealed, tired looking lengths and tips are refreshed.


So if your blonde needs brightening, your red needs radiance, or your brunette needs brilliance, pick up the phone and call. Stylists at our salons in Barwell and Hinckley are waiting to take your call and book your next appointment 01455 245245


Hair Colour 101

Let’s face it there are hundreds of beautiful hair colour techniques and trends out there. It can often feel a little overwhelming trying to get your head around what Beyonce had going on at the Met Ball or whether VB is sporting a recoloured, redesigned, reincarnation of the pob!

Fear not; help is at hand! We know it can take some getting used to the terminology and ever evolving looks. Last season it was granny grey, and now it looks like we are heading for Mushroom Blonde…. Whatever that is! We can sort your foilage from your baby-lights.

Our team of Colour Geniuses is at hand to breakdown some of the most asked for hair colour trends and techniques at Fox Hair Design salons in Barwell and Hinckley. Why not give us a call to book your complimentary hair colour consultation. Our stylists are waiting for your call 01455 245245.

Hair Colour 101 : Free Hand Techniques

Jade – Colour Genius Barwell

Balayage, Ombre, Foilage, Flamboyage, Colour Melt…. where will it end? Guests often come to us with pictures of beautiful hair colour and aren’t quite sure what to ask for, they know what they want, but don’t know what it’s called or how to pronounce it. We try and break this down and make it nice and easy. So, we group all of the exotic sounding techniques under the umbrella Free Hand. The root area is usually darker, either natural or coloured, there are often lighter pieces running through, and the ends will be lighter for sure. The end result can be subtle or vivid. Free hand techniques avoid hard lines, and tend to “wear” better for longer.  

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Hair Colour 101 : Vibrant Colours

Gracie – Colour Genius Hinckley

I do love a good vibrant Pink ? But these colours are hard work, you have to be 100% committed to condition, maintenance and upkeep. For vibrant hair colour to pop we first have to lighten a guests hair to very pale blonde. Not everybody’s hair can take this, we are super careful and will only do this if we know your hair is strong enough. Then the fun starts and we get to get creative. To keep your vibrant colour in tip top condition and looking amazing you will need to invest in conditioning treatments, a professional colour care shampoo, and often take home colour conditioners. Vibrant colours fade 

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Hair Colour 101 : Colour Gloss

Emma-Katie – Colour Genius Fox Hair Design Barwell

A colour gloss is exactly what it says. It adds a beautiful glossy shine to the hair, without drastically changing your colour. Colour Gloss services are designed to top colours up or slightly change the tone of your hair. Colour glosses are really good to have done in between colour services, especially if you have highlights or Free Hand colour. They keep blondes looking fresh and bright, and stop your colour looking dull and washed out. Glosses are semi-permanent and will gradually fade after about 12 washes.

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New Year Hair Makeovers

Transform Your Hair in 2019 at Top Hair Salons in Barwell & Hinckley

If there’s one New Year resolution you’ll be delighted to stick to it’s making sure your hair looks its best.  That’s where we can help!  Why not book in for a hair makeover at your local Fox Hair Design salon in Barwell or Hinckley?

During an in-depth consultation we can assess your hair, talk about your hair desires, and come up with a plan to get your locks looking sensational.  We are hair colour experts, hair extension specialists and pride ourselves on creating hairstyles that suit you and your lifestyle.

Imagine waking up each morning with hair that behaves!  With our keratin-infused hair smoothing treatments we can give you long-lasting smooth hair… without the frizz!  Or perhaps it’s time to invest in a hair conditioning treatment such as the incredible Protection Cheveux Complexe or BC Fibre Clinix treatments.

Check out some of our hair transformations below and then give us a call on 01455 245245 or book online here.

New Year Sale – Discounted Hair Appointments at Fox Hair Salons, Hinckley & Barwell

Our New Year SALE is now on. Discounts are available to ALL clients – not just NEW clients! Our SALE is being constantly updated as appointments become available.  Find out what’s available here.

Please note:  An allergy test is required 48 hours before any colour service. This applies to new colour clients and to clients who have not visited our salons for a colour in the last six months. If an allergy is not held on file your deal will automatically be cancelled and money refunded.

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How To Keep Your New Year Resolutions!

Top Tips To Help You Keep Your New Year Resolutions from Fox Hair Design Salons in Barwell & Hinckley

New-Year-Resolutions-hair makeovers, Fox Hair Design Salons in Barwell and HinckleyHave you made a New Year’s Resolution?  We all start the year with great intentions, but how many of us actually stick to our goals?

We vow to eat more healthily, exercise more, cut down on alcohol and spend more time with family and friends – but studies show that we’ve usually broken most of our resolutions by the first week in February.

Psychologists say that if we break our resolutions into smaller targets, we’re more likely to stick to them and succeed. It helps if we have a plan otherwise it can feel like a mountain to climb.

So, what can we do to stick to our goals?


How to Keep Your New Year Resolution

  • Do not despair! According to the American Psychological Association, you can stick to your New Year’s resolution by following these steps:
  • Start out with one resolution. Focus your energy on changing just one aspect of your life and you are more likely to succeed. 
  • Try a new resolution in 2019.  Revisiting resolutions you didn’t achieve before could lead to frustration and disappointment.
  • Think about what’s really important to you. You don’t have to follow the crowd and go with the usual resolutions.
  • Don’t give up – we all have ups and downs. Try not to be too hard on yourself.  If you’ve already broken your resolution, recover and get back on track as soon as possible. 

New Year Resolution: Have a Hair Makeover at Fox Hair Design salons in Barwell or Hinckley

hair makeovers, fox hair salons, barwell & hinckley, leicestershireIf you’ve been wearing the same old hairstyle for years, why not make a change for 2019? A makeover is a great New Year’s resolution that is well within your reach and easy to achieve.

A new haircut, style or colour can give you a massive boost in confidence and that often has a knock-on effect in other areas of your life.  You may find the confidence to socialise more, apply for that job or promotion, or join your local gym!

Our hair and colour experts are trained to understand which hairstyles suit different face shapes and which hair colours will look best with your skin tone and eye colour.  Your stylist will listen and advise you on some hairstyles that will suit you and your sense of style.

Whatever your needs, we are here to help men and women achieve the hair of their dreams in 2019.  Give us a call on 01455 245245 or book online here for your makeover appointment.